Meadowbrook’s automotive service team is dedicated to providing a high-quality repair and maintenance program. See our pricing table below for a list of our most common services, and use the contact form if you’d like to get in touch with us regarding your specific needs.

Meadowbrook Auto Service
Inspection $26 Cars and light trucks, pass or fail
Inspection $30 3/4 and 1-ton trucks, pass or fail
Re-inspection $18
Re-inspection after 30 days
Emissions $30 Pass or fail - exempt price is $15
Replacement Sticker $7
Labor $70 Per hour
Regular Oil Change $29.95 Up to 6 quarts
Amsoil Change $89.95 Up to 6 quarts
Tire Rotation $12 Free with an inspection
Mount & Balance Tire $15 Per tire
Balance Tire $10 Per tire
Transmission Flush $89.95 w/ Amsoil $229.95
Antifreeze Flush $79.95
Check Engine Diagnostic $70 Plus parts and labor
A/C Service $32.95
Plus oil and freon
Oil $6.99 Per ounce
Freon $12 Per pound

Auto Service Contact Form

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